Casing “N” Capping

External wiring always poses a huge risk of either short circuit or electric shock. It is a safe practice to use casing to protect electrical wiring from the onslaught of elements such as weather, dust and rodents.

Safety and security alone however, cannot be the only consideration in today’s perfection-seeking world. Wiring installations must merge themselves into the décor and appear as discreet as possible.

Fulfilling this twin need of safety and beauty is MODI’S Casing “N” Capping & Accessories. Elegant and sturdy, MODI’S Casings blend smoothly into the ambience of any setting, offering not only a sleek and sophisticated appearance, but a safe and secure one as well.

Conduit Pipes

Concealed electrical wiring has become the norm of the day in modern construction. For safety and security of the installation, conduit pipes of different strengths are used to encase the wiring and placed in grooves carved on the brick surface, before the walls and ceilings are plastered and cemented.

Since the conduit pipes are inlaid, they should remain intact for the life of the building. In this aspect, a brand that stands out from the crowd is MODI’S Ensuring safety from electrical and fire hazards, MODI’S Conduit pipes also stand the lost of time against all kinds of weather conditions. MODI’S pipes come in different shades and sizes.


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